How many times have you gone out to the practice range with a big bag or bucket of balls and hit them until: 1. Your back was too sore to hit another, or 2. You were slapping them down there pretty well and it just felt good. Notice, I called it THE PRACTICE RANGE.

How can hitting balls every ten seconds be good for you? Either: 1. You'll hurt yourself and/or 2. You equate "quantity" with "quality."

I've been following Jack Nicklaus' example of how to practice my entire career. It is a process I teach my students: practice how you play.

You'll be surprised just how effective 20 ball can be instead of 200.

-- Steve

P.S. The response we received from all of you to our "Immediate Improvement" streaming video was fantastic! So were the comments from golfers who discovered "immediate" was the right word. We're about ready to put together another 30 more tips so keep checking the site out. We'll also be having another drawing. Stay tuned.

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