About Us

www.mirrorimagegolfswing.com is a company devoted to golf instruction for golfers of all ages and abilities. Whether you are trying to knock that 7 handicap down a notch or two, or a weekend golfer bound and determined to break 100, we are here to help.

We are also a community of golfers who share a sport that is important to our lives, for the challenge, the enjoyment and the extraordinary relationships the game tends to create.

Headed by PGA Master Professional, Steve Anderson, the company is determined to create an environment that is constructive, interesting and personal. Steve’s Mirror Image Golfswing offers golfers a rare opportunity to learn the swing and the game in an easy, ultra-user-friendly way.

Steve's extraordinary concept, learning golf using a "mirror image," has propelled some of his students to greatness. But for the most part, the "mirror image" concept has just made it easier for every golfer to improve. Welcome.

Mirror Image Golf Swing, LLC
11524 Timberline Circle
Ft. Myers, FL 33966


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