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Follow ball flight pattern for swing corrections

It’s amazing. After they hit the ball most golfers, especially if the ball isn’t going where we want it to go, turn their back to the ball and huff of the tee box … while the ball is SCREAMING “WATCH ME”. We can learn so much from watching our ball flight. Did it go left?  Continue Reading »

Top of Swing Tip

One thing my mentor, golf legend Ken Venturi, always reminded me that I should keep instruction simple. He’d say, “You might have to figure out how to say the same thing 20 different ways until the golfer gets it but always remember, keep it basic. You’re here to help.” Through my three plus decades of  Continue Reading »

Focus on hole for short putts.

Jordan Spieth might have a bit more game but you can sink your short putts just like he does. When you get close to the hole, like a three feet for the club championship … well any three foot putt, amateurs tend to get a little “jerky,” focusing on mechanics and impact and … whoops  Continue Reading »

Sand bunker? Use your pitching swing!

It is so amazing. Sand just scares people. We somehow lose all our confidence, all our smarts, all our common sense when our ball lands in a bunker. My mentor, the great Ken Venture, short game guru for decades, taught me the Venturi way to succeed in a sand bunker. Use the same swing you  Continue Reading »

Watch out for bad advice

There are some very good teaching professionals on the Internet giving some very solid advice about the fundamentals of the golf swing. Many of these teachers have been on the lesson tee for decades helping amateur golfers of all skill levels. But it seems like there are also zillions of videos and advice programs that  Continue Reading »

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