I had a student that I was very proud of. (Actually I am very proud of all my students because THEY BOTHER TO TAKE A GOLF LESSON ...) He went from scoring 100++ most of his life to breaking 90 a few weeks ago. He had developed a beautiful swing. Graceful, balanced, a great turn on his backswing. When he played he would consistently pull off a few par holes and an occasional birdie. But the holes in between ... deadly.

I hadn't seen him in a while but the frustration got to him. I watched his swing. It was perfect. He was 70+ years old and getting his drive will past 200 yards. Everything looked good ... until I took him out to the course for a short playing lesson. The problem was immediately apparent. BALL POSITION. Perfect swing but due to ball position it was impossible for him to score.

Take a look at this tip. Change your game in an instant!

-- Steve