Golf is a "centerfield" (down the fairway) game. But we sure can learn a pretty straightforward (pun intended) tip from swinging a baseball bat. (For the fast growing number of our visitors who have never swung a baseball bat, I'm working on cricket bat and hockey stick swing keys). But I think this video tip is pretty clear. If you want to cure your slice, just make sure that at impact, the clubface and ball are "square." Don't over think it. The answer to ending your slice is that simple.


P.S. Over the past couple years we have thousands of visitors who have taken the trouble to tell us how much they have enjoyed my tips and how much we've been able to help their game. I want you to know that next week, right after the July 4th holiday here in the States, we've started something I've been dreaming about for years. I'll keep you posted as we progress with this new program that will, I guarantee, make you a better golfer. Check your email!