O.K. My hula-hoop demonstration was a good idea to demonstrate the power the hips add to your swing. But I couldn't do it. Of course, my beloved team could not resist showing my hula-hoop "fail". I'm here to tell you keeping a hula-hoop up is really hard!

Anyway, you want distance off the tee (or fairway), it's all in the hips or lower body. Take a look at Elaine. She moves those hips perfectly. Use your lower body! It's not hard to get well past 200 yards guys and gals, no matter what your age!

-- Steve

P.S. One of our new PRO members this week is from Vero Beach, FL, right across from me on the Atlantic side of my state. Ann wrote this very sweet note saying she's been a Pro/Am (free) member for over a year but decided it was time to take the plunge. She said she downloaded the Mirror Image Golf Swing DVD and, in two days, to use her words, "trounced the girls by 7 strokes." That's the good news, Ann. However, I think two members of your foursome just became PRO members too. Go get 'em!