Tee it high? Tee it low? There are all kinds of reasons, all knds of theories, to tee the ball up at various heights depending of verious shots, etc., etc. Jusat like the stories you're parents told you about what they did when they were first dating, that's way too much information for me.

As yopu know by now, I like to make it simple. In this video, I'll show you a sure-fire, no-brainer you can depend on every time you tee up!

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-- Steve

P.S. When my team told me how many of you had signed up for my free, 30 minute putting video recently, I was really surprised and honored. Here's a sample of the comments we've received: "Thanks to your putting video I instantly dropped 5 strokes and for the first time ever broke 90, scored an 88 and feel like a real player. Many many thanks." -- Carlos S.

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