If you're new to our site, please know I WILL do just about anything to help you with your game. This particular tip was inspired by a guy who actually did fall into a water hazard while attempting an impossible shot to the green. It was pretty funny (he did not think so), especially to the junior golfer I was with during a playing lesson. "Coach (my student calls me "coach"), that was nuts. All he had to do was punch it out to the fairway and he's up in three." Ah, wisdom from the mouths of babes.

Play the shot with the highest percentage of success. Remember, that guy or gal who ripped a beautiful draw out of the trees and onto the green makes his/her living doing stuff like that and usually screws up. Just ask Phil or Rory (or virtually any Tour player). Play it smart.
-- Steve
P.S. Attention PRO members: We'll have an updated version of the Moss Creek Playing Lesson video up for you shortly. Stay tuned!