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Steve had the extraordinary honor of working with golf legend Ken Venturi as head instructor at one his schools on golf Mecca Hilton Head Island, SC. Venturi's influence runs deep in Steve's approach to instruction. Venturi was pragmatic. So is Steve. Venturi wanted people to enjoy themselves on the lesson tee. Steve's irresistible humor always has students smiling ... and enjoying the game again!Click here for free video tip!

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Steve was intimidated. He'd landed the head teaching job at the prestigious Ken Venturi Golf School at Old South Golf Club on the South Carolina coast and he was about to meet "Mr. V." Steve wasn't sure Ken Venturi was aware his new "head pro" was a lefty. "Mr. V" asked Steve to hit a few and Steve smacked a few drive straight and true. Much to Steve's surprise "Mr. V" clapped his hands and laughed. "We've got a lefty. All a student has to do is look at you."

That was the genesis of the Mirror Image Golf Swing concept. Because Steve's a lefty, students simply "mirror" his swing. From full swing to short game, students are amazed at the speed they learn the right moves. Steve credits "Mr. V" with putting the idea in his head. He's been his students' "mirror" for over 3 decades!
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Steve-Gina2During Steve Anderson's three plus decades as a golf instructor he's had the opportunity to help thousands of golfers from all over the world get back into the game they love.

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