No, this doesn't have anything to do with right handers or left handers. It has to do with two seemingly innocent phrases in golf instruction that make students' eyes glaze over: swinging inside and outside. Boy, can that get confusing. So here's a simple explanation of the "correct side" when you're swinging a golf club. Add your "Thank you, Steve" to our blog.


P.S. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me teaching.
"Steve -- I hadn't picked up a golf club in 10 years because I was so frustrated with myself and the game. Quite possibly to get me out of the house (I retired a year ago), my wife made me download your 3 Fundamentals video. No she complains I'm playing too much! But, because she's my favorite playing partner, she says it with a smile. Thanks for our new golf life."
-- Robert V., Tucson, AZ.

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