Spoiler Alert: This is the book I'm giving every golfer on MY list. It's beautiful, it's got stuff I've never seen (640 photos), and it makes the history of the game we love come alive! It is simply stunning. Yes, I'm pretty excited.
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What's more exciting is that the publisher is a friend of mine and, well, I sort of hinted a bunch of our members would really like this book. So, for a very limited time, everyone gets a 20% discount off the regular price of $49.95! From now until December 19th you can get what I think is the coolest gift for golfers at 20% off. That's almost $10 bucks off...( $39.96 to be precise ). The supply is very limited. This is a beautiful "coffee table" style book that will truly impress your friends (to say nothing of your foursome).

I'm not the only person who thinks this is a super book. Look with the media and pros say:

"Whether you're a golf historian or a person who fears getting trapped in a conversation with one, Great Golf Collections of the World is a new book that's worth your time ... With bright color photos, succinct captions and limited text, the history of golf is told through objects in a highly accessible way." Max Adler, Golf Digest

"This is a true treasure trove of rare and visually captivating golf collectibles ... I loved it and especially enjoyed revisiting the Royal Sydney and Royal Melbourne Golf Club collections!"
-- Ian Baker Finch

"I enjoyed the spectacular photography and informative historical background provided along with each of the images. Anyone interested on the history of golf or a fan of the game will find this a compelling read." -- Mark Wiebe

The book is simply beautiful. A big, coffee table book you'll be proud to own or give to best friends. I'm happy we could do this for you. This is an exclusive offer. You won't find it anywhere else. December 19 and it's over. Click here to see sample pages.

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