It was pretty funny. One of my far off students who comes to see me from western Canada every year, said, "Watch this, Steve!" He made a magnificent stroke and hit the ball about twice as long as I've ever seen him do. I immediately knew why. "It's the tilt, Steve," he said. "You've probably told me a thousand times, but when I saw the DVD, well, the tilt finally sank in." It sure did. His back shoulder was lower than his front shoulder (it has to be as you'll see), he made a great turn -- head behind the ball -- and he smacked that puppy straight and true.

Treat yourself to our new DVD (click below). Your feedback has been sensational. I am so happy it's helping so many golfers. Hats off to Rick M. in Tempe, AZ for going from 101 to 84 and loving it!

Mark it on your forehead: TILT.

Enjoy the game again,

-- Steve