It's amazing. After they hit the ball most golfers, especially if the ball isn't going where we want it to go, turn their back to the ball and huff of the tee box ... while the ball is SCREAMING "WATCH ME". We can learn so much from watching our ball flight. Did it go left? Did it go right? High? A worm burner? Every ball you hit will be trying to tell you something.

I chose a watery venue for this tip in a kind of tribute to all our friends in Houston, and other parts of Texas and Louisiana who are experiencing a very real water hazard and the devastation of hurricane Harvey. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We always say golf is a game where golfers "give back". Now is the time. Here are some trusted links:
The Greater Houston Community Foundation
The Center for Disaster Philanthropy
The Salvation Army
These are just a few.

Texas and Louisiana, stay safe.